Welcome New Vendor!

Welcome to the vendor registration page on RPGStockArt.com! Our website offers what many other commission-based websites do not – LARGE commission percentages! RPGStockArt.com gives our basic vendors 80% of their commissions! Almost unheard of in the industry! We want our vendors to be happy with whatever website portal they use to sell their work – and hopefully, with 80% commissionRPGStockArt.com becomes your got to source for selling your art!

RPGStockArt.com puts you in control of your own work – you can determine what you want to sell, how you want to price it, whether or not you want to have your own sale or offer coupons, and how much you want to sell!

RPGStockArt.com takes care of the rest – we maintain the website, maintain the cost of hosting the data from our vendors and works to market on your behalf! All you have to do is post your art for sale, and RPGStockArt.com will do the rest!

Terrific Opportunity

We are excited you are considering joining us at RPGStockArt.com! Unlike some of the dinosaurs out there who are still operating on ancient web-based technology, RPGStockArt.com has brand new, responsive web applications that provide you all of the information you need to know where your sales are coming from, which artworks is selling the best, and observe trends in what styles are selling most on the website!

It’s all available at your fingertips through your Vendor Dashboard!

You Are In Control

As a vendor with RPGStockArt.com, you are in control of what your vendor store looks like! Create new pages, implement styles that differentiate you from the competition, and even link back to your social media – enhancing your overall brand development!!

Higher Commissions

It is sometimes hard for us to wrap our heads around how other websites can justify such low commission rates on sales. It forces you to sell your art at higher fixed prices which, in-turn, results in fewer drive-by sales by the casual shopper.

RPGStockArt.com offers 80% commissions with no additional fixed fee for sales. Eighty cents on the dollar sounds great to us – we hope it is enticing for you as well!

Play Hard…don’t work hard!

As soon as your files are uploaded, you can sit back and relax – RPGStockArt.com will take care of the rest for you! No need to worry about maintaining a website, no need to concern yourself with monthly billing or missing emails.

Your sales and commissions are available any time via your vendor dashboard, so you can take that trip and check in on your status at any time!

Royalties will be paid out via PayPal to you monthly, on the first of each month.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy your new partnership with RPGStockArt.com!!

Welcome Aboard!

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