Muskrat Rider


Muskrat Rider is a full color 3798 x 2700 pixel or 12.66″ x 9″ illustration that contains 5 files in the zip folder.

2 JPG with and without the blue background and 2 PNG with transparent background (with and without the blue square)

See the art being made here:

Also includes the usage agreement as below:

Single use (Image may be used in one single published product per purchase), non-exclusive (Others may also purchase and use this image in other products) right to this image. By purchasing the image you agree to the following:

This artwork is copyright (C)2018 Lloyd Metcalf. You may use this image in commercial, fan-based, or private projects however, you may not publish it as clip art or sell it in any other art collection.

Using this image requires the purchaser to place the artist’s name among the credits of the end product when possible.

For more artwork or to contact this artist please visit or email

Sold by Fail Squad Games.
Watch the video of the creation here:


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